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(Yahoo!) - Country stars are known for having big hearts when it comes to giving back, helping out, or lending a hand, and Gary Allan is no exception. The singer is coming to the aid of a 3-year-old Louisiana cancer patient with an unusually twisted story: Her family was scammed by someone claiming to be friends with another country star, Jason Aldean.

Addilyn Roberts was diagnosed with leukemia last fall. A high-school acquaintance of her father's, Kyle Nunn, offered to help raise money for Addilyn's medical treatment, claiming he had connections to Aldean and could plan a benefit concert featuring the musician. He even recruited a local Louisville bar, Baxter's 942, to help.

However, Nunn was arrested on January 31st. Police say he pocketed the $9,000 that had been raised so far and was never planning any kind of benefit show. He was charged with two felony counts of theft by deception. Aldean had no knowledge of the incident and has not commented publicly regarding it.

However, there is a silver lining to this sad tale. Baxters 942 announced that on March 25th, Gary Allan will step up for the cause and play a special acoustic show at the bar, with all proceeds going to Addilyn's family.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time there's been an incident when country stars' famously generous natures have been taken advantage of. In 2012, a Wisconsin woman tricked Brad Paisley and his wife – as well as members of Little Big Town – into helping the woman's young daughter, whom she claimed was dying of cancer. The Paisleys would call the family for support, and Brad would even sing "Amazing Grace" for the supposedly fatally ill young girl.

In the end, it was all a hoax - and the girl never existed. Brad told ABC's Nightline last year that the incident felt like "emotional terrorism" for the couple. Even though the woman who was conning the stars never received any money, a court ruled that Brad's phone performances constituted as something of value, which was enough to charge her with a felony for theft of services.

Still, we don't foresee a few bad apples rotting the tree. In spite of these incidents, country stars will continue to give time, attention and money to their favorite causes – Brad included, who has already committed to several charity concerts for 2014.

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