Sharon Osbourne said she has had enough of televised sing-offs. The once "X Factor" judge . admits she can't even watch the show anymore, because she's sick of seeing desperate wannabes try to convince celebrities that they really have talent. Osbourne singles out revolving chair show "The Voice" as the worst of the singing shows on TV. She adds, "They're (producers) making it like it's just the voice, everything that matters is the voice. Well, hold on here, that's great when you're butt-f*****g ugly and you're, like 9,000 pounds. What the f**k are we gonna do with you? I'm seeing some guy that looks like Meat Loaf's offspring throwing himself around onstage on some bloody talent show and everybody's going, 'You rock, you rock!' It's like, 'Oh, shut up love, send him home. He's c**p'... Send him to a bar in Vegas." You gotta read the full story, see what she says about the judges and let me know if you agree !! Click here for full story