One of the photos in the yearbook at Hector Garcia Middle School is not like the other. Pictured alongside the portraits of smiling students is Taxi Benke, a service dog who looks out for 14-year-old Rachel Benke. They have been inseparable for the last four years. Rachel has an inexplicable abnormality to the right side of her brain, and has experienced epileptic seizures since birth. The older she got, the worse the seizures were, and there were times she'd have as many as 200 seizures in a day. She has had several surgeries and is better but still has seizures and Taxi has saved her more than once. While she was getting her picture made for the yearbook, Rachel asked the photographer to take a few snaps of Taxi, so he did. Rachel and her family did not expect to see Taxi in the yearbook but there he was. So sweet and the family was so happy to see what the school had done. I say say well done Hector Garcia Middle !!