A California woman was asked to cover up while working out at a gym (in Richmond), after staff members say she was intimidating people with her toned body. Tiffany Austin said she was excited to get back in shape after recovering from a recent car accident. After her doctor told her it was time to start walking more, she took a tour of the Planet Fitness Gym. On Monday she officially joined the gym and was looking forward to her first workout -- but that workout lasted a quick 15 minutes. Austin said things started out well. She hopped on a treadmill, set the speed to slow, put her earbuds in and started walking. She started to notice others staring at her, and quickly grew self-conscious but she kept on walking. That is until a staff-member stopped her. According to Austin that staff member said, "Excuse me, we've had some complaints you're intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?" Austin was wearing a tank that showed her stomach and capri-pants and says she didn't see anything wrong with the outfit. Now I think she is pretty but intimidating ??? Not sure what do you think ??