Shanesha Taylor, 35, was arrested and faces felony child abuse charges for leaving her 2-year-old son and 6-month old baby in her Dodge Durango with the key still in the ignition and the windows rolled down an inch. The homeless mother was on a job interview at an insurance company. She had no one to leave her children with and she felt no choice. The interview went much longer than she thought, over and hour and temps in the car rose close to 100.The baby was described as wearing a short-sleeve shirt over a long-sleeve shirt, as well as a blanket. A witness found the infant crying hysterically and sweating profusely . Did she have a choice ?? They were all living in that car. You should know a fund has been set up with over 90,000.00 dollars being raised so far. Please let me know on Facebook what you think. We will share some of your thoughts in the morning. Thanks Beth B