A long time ago, my dad and mom decided that a move from Philadelphia to Charlotte, North Carolina would give them the best opportunity at raising a family. The world was different then. Less connected. The move was a world away from what we knew.

Morning TV was a lot different in Charlotte than it was in Philadelphia. Our first introduction into life in the south was Arthur Smith and the Cracker Jacks. Arthur was born in Clinton and was a very big deal on TV in Charlotte. He passed away this week just a few days after his 93rd birthday.

I started my broadcasting career in Charlotte 15 years after my family moved there and I was lucky enough to have met him and work with him. He'll be remembered for his song "Guitar Boogie" and likely most of all for writing "Dueling Banjos". Get the story on how he had to fight to win that song back from the producers of the movie "Deliverance"

I found this old clip from his morning TV show. This is how it was. RIP Arthur Smith. Thank you for your time here and the music you made.