A lot of people in Spartanburg had a bad day, today. Sherriff Chuck Wright and his team of deputies. Fire and EMT workers were also on alert. The good people at Virginia College, a bad day too.


Why? Because of this woman, says the Spartanburg County Sherriff's Office. This is Angela Timmons, who this morning, sent a text message to her daughter saying that she was at Virginia College and she was hearing shots being fired. When Timmons didn't respond to her daughter's reply. The daughter called 911.

At 10 this morning, the call came in. Within minutes, some 15-20 deputies closed in on Virginia College on the Warren H. Abernathy Highway. Timmons, who works in the college's financial aid office has been charged with disturbing school.

It's April Fool's Day. The call..was a hoax. Her idea of an April Fool's joke.

And an absolutely terrible one at that.