I'm upset at both this pathetic dude and the producers of American Idol. If you're a fan of the show, you saw Matthew Farmer's story. It probably touched your heart and made you cheer for him.

He told us that he's served in Iraq and that had struggled back from a brain injury sustained in an IED attack. I suppose he thought that those who served with him wouldn't call him on this.

They did.

It's true that Matthew Farmer sustained a brain inury but it was caused by substance abuse problem. He's since admitted the lie.

So for every man and women who's served this country and sustained an injury or died. There's..this guy. Who desperately needed his shot at fame that he was willing to lie about it.

This also shows, to me, how shallow the producers of Idol can be. It was a great story. It would certainly make great TV.

If it were true.