Ellis and Bradley's 5 Dates In 5 Days

The Ellis & Bradley Show is on the hunt to find local guy Kyle true love in Whistleland! We're sending Kyle on five dates to Ruth's Chris with five different women on five nights in a row! Our first task is to select 5 amazing women! Each will enjoy a wonderful dinner with Kyle and the morning after on the Ellis & Bradley Show, tell us how it went! After all the dates are over, Whistle 100 and Kyle will select one lady to win two tickets and backstage passes to Eric Church's Double Down Tour at The Well! Here's Kyle's story and details on how you can enter!

Age: 34

Location: Greenville

Occupation: Lead Field Technician for REWA (Renewable Water)

Family: No children

1) What do you enjoy doing with your free time?

I enjoy traveling. Spending time with family and friends. Serving at my church. Being a pro wrestler. Eating good food. Attending sporting events. Going to the gym.

2) What do you consider to be a romantic date?

I enjoy going out and treating my date and myself to a nice dinner, but I think some of the best times is a night in. Dinner cooked at home. Relax on the couch with a movie on. Spending that private time with one another is special.

3) What is your favorite movie?

 Batman (1989)

4) If the person you were dating had a bad day, what would you do to cheer them up?

Listen to them, comfort them, try to humor them, and if nothing else, just be there for them. Also, a shoulder rub and snow cone run never hurt anybody!

5) Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe it's possible. Love can come in many different ways. Fast, slow, unexpected. The main thing is having that natural connection, and having a deep desire for that person, and hopefully getting the same in return.

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5 Dates in 5 Days
5 Dates in 5 Days
5 Dates In 5 Days


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