Guy wearing a ‘Sandlot’ shirt has NO idea who he took a picture with!

This is absolutely HILARIOUS!! Ok so ‘The Sandlot’ is one of my favorite movies EVER! I legit watch it whenever I can. If you’ve never seen it, watch it TODAY! Anyways, Patrick Renna (who plays Ham in the movie), and Tom Guiry (who plays Smalls in the movie) were walking down the street when they saw this guy wearing a ‘Sandlot’ shirt! They asked him for a picture, BUT HE HAD NO IDEA WHO THEY WERE!!! Hahaha how do you not recognize the dude ON YOUR SHIRT?! Sorry random dude, but you don’t deserve to wear that shirt haha. Hey Patrick and Tom - I’ll take a selfie with you and actually KNOW who you are! Haha

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