Aaron Michael

My wife & I are celebrating 2 years TODAY!
WATCH: Car full of ammo catches fire, and hero cop saves the driver!
WOAH!! This car crash is INSANE. How did she walk away?!
[VIDEO] Aaron Tries Baby Food - PART 2!
President Trump & Kim Jong Un bad lip reading is SO FUNNY.
WATCH: Behind the scenes of Chris Janson's "Drunk Girl" video
People in Japan are FREAKING over this rapper eating...
Baby climbs a "baby proof" pool ladder - TERRIFYING!
This dog getting caught in the pool is all of us!
This girl's version of "Marry Me" by Thomas Rhett is INCREDIBLE.
Apparently showering during a storm IS a bad idea!
Gwen Stefani got Blake Shelton the coolest birthday gift EVER!


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