This Week, The Combined Megamillions and Powerball Jackpots Top One Billion

When the MegaMllions and Powerball Jackpots start to soar to this level, I think about October 2018 when that MegaMillions Jackpot reached $1.6 Billion!! Remember how crazy it was when we found out that the ONE winning ticket was sold at the KC Mart in Simpsonville?? We had calls from people claiming to know "the guy" who won it. They were wrong. What I've heard is that the winner was a nice lady from the Columbia area who was on a day trip to the Upstate just to look around. She happened by the KC Mart and noticed the line of people buying a MegaMillions ticket and she bought one. It turned out to be THE ONE. She used some of her winnings to benefit local organizations in the Simpsonville area.

I think about what life would be like if I won an outrageous amount of money. I'm pretty sure I'd no choice but to keep my idendity hidden (winners have that option in South Carolina) and I'd do my best to make the most of this windfall. Support church and charity, family and friends. Just as a reminder of how BAD winning big money can go, I found this video. Good luck if you're playing and if you are and happen to win...don't be these people.