WATCH: Maren Morris Will Turn Down Dinner Invitations Past This Hour

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Don't ask Kelly Clarkson and Maren Morris to hang out past 6:00 p.m. because the answer will be no!

"The Bones" songstress sat down with Clarkson for the latest episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday (April 12) to discuss motherhood, silver linings behind the COVID19 pandemic, and their strict "Golden Girls" going out schedule.

Morris revealed that she was thankful to have spent a little extra time with newborn son Hayes and husband Ryan Hurd as a result of the pandemic.

"Well. I had my son the week the world shut down during the pandemic. So every part of his first year was us being stuck inside which was kind of a gift because like we just got to witness every first moment with our baby and not miss anything. My tour was cancelled. It was such a beautiful little silver lining to Covid. Like that year was just getting to be home with him."

In addition to precious moments with her son, the pandemic also gave Morris a different outlook on going out.

"I do think motherhood and the pandemic really changed my outlook on like going out because I love to go out. I love having like girls nights, good dinners, but like if anyone invites me to dinner past 6:00 p.m. like I'm not coming."

Clarkson chimed in:

"If someone's like 'oh it's at 9:00 p.m.' I'm like 'have fun.' I have to be up at like 6:00 a.m. No sir!"

Morris sounded off in agreeance, stating that she would "already be in bed" by that time. The "Girl" artist revealed that these iconic early dinners in question actually have a nickname.

"We call it the 'blue-haired special' like we're going's an early night." With encouragement from Morris, Clarkson happily shared that she would be "leaning into" her "Golden Girls" era (referring to the popular 1980s sitcom) with no shame! Fans can catch Morris on her RSVP Redux Tour this summer, beginning in San Francisco, California on May 29th.

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