REVIEW: Kenny Chesney's "Live In No Shoes Nation"

One of the many perks of my job is getting advance copies of albums before they're released. I gotta admit, as a music fan, it's the coolest part of my job!

This week I got the advance of Kenny Chesney's new live album "Live In No Shoes Nation", and it is absolutely AMAZING! It's like a vacation for your ears.

If you've been to a Kenny Chesney concert before, you know that feeling. You're sitting there in a venue in a city, and the moment Kenny hits the stage you're transported to a party on a beach. Kenny's shows are almost spiritual, as you're taken on a journey through his music. You fall in love, handle break ups, visit with old friends at home, and relax on a Caribbean island. Many artists can put on a show, but Kenny puts on an experience.

From the moment "Live In No Shoes Nation" starts, you feel as if you're at a Kenny show. The crowds cheering, Kenny undoubtedly smiling while welcoming you to the show, and rush you get when live music is played. No matter if you're sitting at your desk, in traffic, or where ever, you feel as if you're surrounded by thousands of fellow Kenny fans, singing along with a cold one in your hand. We all go to concerts for that therapeutic release, a break from our everyday, and with this new live album, you can experience that every single day.

Kenny included where and when each track was recorded, which is really cool to me. I find myself imagining me sitting in that crowd, at that moment, and what it would feel like to sing along with that performance. It makes me crave a live Kenny show like there's nothing else.

And the are they BIG guests! From Taylor Swift and Eric Church, to Zac Brown Band, Old Dominon, and even Mac McAnally, Kenny's friends join him on stage and bring the excitement straight to you. (My favorite, without a doubt, is 'When I See This Bar' with Eric Church. I mean, My two favorites, Eric & Kenny - that's about heaven for me musically!)

Other than Eric Church live albums he's put out, even his most recent '61 Days In Church', this is my favorite live album ever. People may hate on Kenny Chesney, and that's their prerogative, but a boy from Knoxville, TN has worked his butt off and has become a superstar that can sell out any and every stadium he wants to. His albums are incredible, his shows spiritual, and without a doubt still one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet. I'm a proud member of 'No Shoes Nation', and I'm damn proud of it too.

Now if you'll excuse me, time to go to a Kenny Chesney concert in my office, and think of that warm water, sandy shores, and a beach bar with some Kenny playing.

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