Apparently showering during a storm IS a bad idea!

posted by Aaron Michael - @aaronmichaelfm -

When I was a kid, my parents always told me, "you don't shower during a storm. It's dangerous." Now, I'll be honest, I always thought they were just messing with me honestly haha. But, apparently it's TRUE! If you have metal, or even plastic, pipes, the lightning can travel through the water and hit anyone that is in direct contact to the water! Well hell, that's completely terrifying! Thanks mom & dad, thanks to you I'm still alive today! Now when I shower, I'll have to check the weather first to make sure there are no storms in the area haha!


Thinking of showering during a thunderstorm? Even if you have plastic pipes, water still conducts electricity.

Posted by AccuWeather on Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Aaron Michael

Aaron Michael

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