BLOG: Why I LOVE the 4th of July!

Today is the 4th of July! (Sounds like that part from the movie Independence Day doesn't it haha) Today is my favorite holiday of the year! I mean that, over Christmas, Thanksgiving, everything. I get asked a lot why, and it's pretty simple - we get to celebrate AMERICA! Yes, there are BBQs, pools, parades, beer, everything....but the main thing is we get to celebrate AMERICA! 

Think about this - 242 years ago, men braved it all to sign the Declaration of Independence. Signing that document risked their lives, their family lives, and so much more! But they believed in the American dream, and envisioned a country that could be greater than any other nation on this planet! It truly is incredible to think about these men coming together, and figuring out what would make the best country. Then to blindly follow those beliefs and risk it all to see the formation of our GREAT United States of America.

So why is today so big to me? It's because I unequivocally love this country! There's no reason NOT to love this country. Put aside all the political bickering and hatred for 5 minutes, and look how great this country is. We're free to do WHAT we want. Free to be successful, free to fall in love, free to start a business, free to worship who we want, free to speak our minds, free to vote for who we think should lead us - we are FREE. There are so many countries in this world that aren't free, that are basically prisoners in their own borders....the fact that we are so free should motivate the HECK OUT OF YOU! 

This country has overcome adversity like no other. Wars, depressions, terrorist attacks, and so much more. Every time we face evil, this country comes together as one to overcome it. We join together as one nation, and show evil it has no place in this country. My favorite memory is the days after 9/11. American flags flying on every house, car, and street pole. Americans standing in line to help other Americans, the National Anthem playing over loud speakers - that's how our country SHOULD be each and everyday! What the brave men & women who fight for this country everyday defend, what our founding fathers risked to create, and what our leaders work to preserve each day, we should celebrate that each and everyday!

This country has to stop fighting itself. Right now we're in the middle of "Divide and conquer" politics. Rather than work together, BOTH parties are refusing to do what's best for the country. Yes, democrats and republicans are both guilty. They would rather fight for whatever special interest got them elected, rather than be the voice of the people that voted them in! Politics has become a career choice, when in reality it should be a public service. Watch the constant bickering and attacking from both sides makes me sick. That's not my America. That's not your America. That's not OUR America. This country is never stronger than when we are joined together, arms locked, focused on one goal - making this country the BEST it can be!

So as we celebrate the 4th of July today, take time to celebrate this country, Turn the news off, talk to your neighbor, and realize how absolutely AMAZING this country truly is! To the men & women who are serving this country, who have served, and their families as well, THANK YOU for your sacrifice and thank you for defending these great UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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