Update on Aaron Michael

(Compiled from Aaron Michael's social media posts by Webmistress Jessica. Aaron is out of work through the weekend due to a major car wreck Tuesday night as he was returning home from a work event. Fortunately, he is mostly fine and is just sore and taking it easy due to a concussion. We wish him a very speedy recovery, and we are so thankful that our good friend is still with us.)


Man, when I do something, I do it 100% don’t I?

Still trying to take everything in. I can’t believe no one was injured last night. Can’t believe I walked away from that wreck.

I have no doubt that God was with me in that car last night. For whatever reason, He decided that I have a purpose on this planet. He even casually set out my insurance card registration on the passenger seat for me haha. (No joke, those were sitting perfectly in the passenger seat after the wreck, and they were initially in the glovebox.)

Thank you for all the kind words. Thank you for all messages. Thank you for the love and prayer. I’m blessed to have you all in my life in some shape.

Lastly, I’m extremely lucky that I woke up in my bed this morning, next to my wife, and with my 3 kids. That’s the greatest gift of them all.

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