80 years ago TODAY true radio history was made by Orson Welles!

Excuse me for a moment - the history buff in me is coming out! 80 years ago today, radio history was MADE! Orson Welles threw the country into panic with his "War of the Worlds" broadcast on October 30, 1938! What was supposed to be a normal night listening to the Mercury Theatre on the Air, turned into a sheer panic across the country when listeners THOUGHT they were listening to an alien invasion happening just outside of New York City! Orson and his colleagues orchestrated the perfect "theater of the mind" and made it sound SO believable for the listeners of the time! Obviously, looking back now, the mind wanders to, "who could actually believe this??" However, at the time when there was no TV and only radio, it was beyond convincing! If you've never listened before, check out the actual broadcast below! 

Aaron Michael

Aaron Michael

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