NEW VIDEO: Aaron Lewis "Am I The Only One" will give you chills.

Hang on....I need to calm my patriotism down a second to write this. Actually, screw that, no I don't! Are you proud to be an American? I mean, REALLY PROUD? Do you love the freedoms this country has given you? Do you love the hope and dreams this country offers to countless people both in our country and around the world? Do you love this country today due to the scars in our past? If you can't get up and scream HELL YES to every question, then you need to leave. This is the greatest damn country in the world, and I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to let a few morons ruin it because they think their mindset and beliefs represent the majority in this country.

This country isn't perfect. We've known that. But against all odds, we beat the greatest army in the world to become the nation we are today. By the grace of God, America has overcome insurmountable obstacles over it's 245 years. We have proven again and again why we are the best country in the world, and will continue to be for generations. Do not let some talking head on TV, or some old politician who hasn't had a real job in decades, tell you otherwise.

Be proud to be an American. Proud through and through. Stand up for what this country means, what this country is, and what this country CAN BE.

I'm damn proud to be an American. Am I The Only One?

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