Court releases 46-page transcript of Townville Tragedy and it's disturbing

I remember hearing that there had been a school shooting and thinking not again. Then I found out it was local it was in Townville. My heart sank even lower.  Then we find out it was an elementary school at recces. I mean recces, really?? What monster could shoot little kids who were running , laughing and playing? Now we know it was another child. A 14 year old who felt bullied but this time in his own home. True or not those were his thoughts .

I struggle with this one. Should the 14 year old shooter be charged as an adult?? After reading the transcript I felt he understood what he did and put thought into killing his father but  why then did he turn the gun on small children? You will see where he said he would have killed more children if his gun had not jammed.   My question to myself is at 14 knowing it was wrong did he have the maturity to stop  himself? 

Please share your thoughts on Facebook and let us always remember little Jacob Hall the little boy who did not return home after school. We continue to pray for his family and the huge loss they are suffering   

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