Mom post about teaching son acting ‘entitled’ about value of money

I remember being that age and wanting all the name brand stuff and feeling like I would die if I did not get it. One memory that has never left me is when I told my Mom I needed hight top converse to play on the basketball team in middle school, which of course we called junior high. Well, being a good Mom she heads on over to the JC. Penny, which as I remember was the only retail credit card she had. Of course, they did not sale converse but the salesman assured her that he had a shoe that was just like a converse high top but half the price. Needless to say, I was not thrilled when she came home with the JC. Penny version of a converse high top and I let it be known.  Now looking back she did the best she could do.I came from a family that always had just enough so anything extra was a stretch.   I wish I could go back to my young and say sit down and shut up you little brat!

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