Staci Felker is accusing Miranda Lambert of calling 10 times in 1 night

This story is becoming the car wreck that is just too heartbreaking to look at. I'm posting this story because I am curious if you all believe this is Miranda or is this Staci not quite ready to move on. I will say I have been cheated on, not in my marriage but in a couple of longterm relationships. I was so angry and hurt in those situations that I am happy today that there were no social media platforms at the time. I would have let it been known what I thought of those who played me for a fool and in the end, I may have been the one looking foolish. My heart is with Staci and if Miranda is calling her she should stop and if it is not her it is so oblivious that Staci is still hurting and not ready to let go and move on. I do say we all heal in our own time.     

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