If you’ve ever been on the fence about trying an extreme sport like hang gliding, a newly-uploaded video will have you keeping your feet planted firmly on Mother Earth. On his first day of a vacation in Switzerland, a guy who goes by the handle Gursk3 on YouTube decided to try hang gliding, but the excursion didn’t go exactly as planned. He was supposed to be safely tethered to the hang glider and just along for a leisurely ride while a skilled pilot steered the craft down a steep mountain. But shortly after takeoff, the pair realized that his harness hadn’t been connected to the glider at all, resulting in Gursk3 having to spend two minutes and 14 seconds desperately clinging to the craft while the pilot attempted to find a safe place to quickly land.

… Down the mountain, the pilot does manage to eventually bring the hang glider in for a landing, but only after his passenger was low enough to the ground to safely let go and fall. He lived to tell the tale but ended up with a broken wrist and torn left bicep muscle. Gursk3 shared his experience on YouTube. Take a look!

Beth Bradley

Beth Bradley

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