Huge Lottery Winner Listener Calls in To Share How It Happened

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A listener from Virginia called into the show and thanked Lunchbox for introducing him to the Virginia Lottery. He heard the story he shared about a woman who won $900K, and he started playing and has been hitting it big and in one day, he made $325.

The story was about Jennifer Minton who first won $50,000 on October 10 playing the online game Safari Quest. Then exactly a week later, on October 17th, she won a jackpot worth $912,936.  She heard her story shared on the show and left a voicemail calling in to let her know she’d love to talk about it! We called Minton back and she shared that she is overly excited because she is currently driving a box truck filled with her things to bring to her new home that she closed on this morning.

She shared how it was after her first win for $50K and said she was at a campground sitting around the campfire and was playing a scratch off ticket she won $25 on. She scanned it and started exploring the app and started playing some of the slot machines. It first turned into $276, then she got a bonus wheel with 7 spins and then had $50K in her account!  

She did have to contact Virginia lottery, and they did take taxes off it right at the top, so she ended up with around $36K. She transferred most of it to her bank account and left $2,000 in the app and played on it for a few days. Seven days later, she was back at the campground and played the game again and five minutes later she won $912K on a bonus wheel! She saw the numbers reset and thought someone else won the prize, but then saw it was her! For the last two weeks she’s been in shock.  

She had to be in contact with Virginia lottery and they taxed her just over $300K and then wire transferred it to her personal account. With the money, the first thing she did was take care of her two sons and buy them a car. She paid off her debt in full and then started looking for a house. It’s the first house she will ever own and is looking forward to not having a mortgage or rent to pay. She’s being smart with the money and put half of it away and set a budget of what she needs to do for her kids, bills and to move on with her life. She is also not quitting her job and said just because she has this new money does not change who she is. She is going to continue to play the game and is looking forward to being debt free going into the new year.


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