25W: Which Program is Hated More: Notre Dame Football or Duke Basketball? + UNLV's Head Coach Barry Odom & WR Jacob De Jesus at the Facilities + Raymundo Joins the Show

Bobby on Tenille Arts Vulnerable Instagram Post + We Revisit on Her 1st Appearance on the BobbyCast: Performing on the Bachelor, Growing Up on A Wheat Farm and her Top 3 Life Moments

Bobby shares a revealing post from Tenille Arts that she shared on Instagram. We are big fans of her and wanted to look back on the first time she stopped by the Bobbycast. Tenille Arts talks about how she grew up on a wheat farm in Canada and moved to Nashville after being discovered on YouTube. She talks about how she went on the Bachelor twice to perform, gave her Top 3 Life Moments and for the first time ever we have someone perform on the podcast. 


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(Fri Full Show) Dustin Lynch Is On Talking About His New Album, If He's Seen Any UFO's & More! + Why Is a DoorDasher Mad At Amy? + Fun Fact Friday!

Dustin Lynch is in the studio talking about his new album, Killed The Cowboy, that is out now! He shares why he didn't play it safe making this record, how the collab with Jelly Roll happened, who his hero is, if he's seen any UFO's while flying his plane and more! Plus, find out why a DoorDasher was so upset with Amy, she called the show to leave a voicemail about it! Then, it's Fun Fact Friday so we're sharing a new round of interesting facts you may have not known!

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(Fri Early Bird) We Reveal Our First Celebrity Crushes + New Easy Trivia Champ! + Mailbag: Long Distance Relationship

Find out who everyone's first celebrity crush was and who had the strangest reason why. Plus, we play another round of 'Easy Trivia,' and there is a new champion! Mailbag: Our listener is in a long distance relationship and they are trying to keep the romance alive because it feels like things have taken a more stagnant turn. We share our advice!

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(Thurs Full Show) Lamont Landers In-Studio Talking About His Musical Journey, Why People Always Tell Him His Voice Does Not Match His Appearance & More! + Dr. Luckey Reveals There Are Limits For Botox & Worst Things For Your Skin + Amy Got Another Paycheck For Her Christmas Movie Appearance

Lamont Landers is on the show talking about how TikTok has helped his music career, the new project he's working on and how he reacts when people tell him his voice does not match his appearance! Then, Dr. Luckey is back on and she reveals some very important health and wellness tips, why there are limits for Botox, the proper way to pop a pimple and more! Then, find out how much money Amy got from another paycheck for her role in 'Holiday Harmony.' 

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(Thurs Early Bird) Who Are The Most Famous People In Our Lifetime? + Update On Abby's Song! + Mailbag: Fed-Ex Driver Flirt

We debate who the Top 10 most famous people who have left the biggest impact in our lifetime are. Find out who we voted as number one and hear if you agree! Plus, Abby shares an update on how her first original song "Hey There Hometown" is doing! Mailbag: Our listener thinks their Fed-Ex driver is flirting with them and spending a lot of time showing them attention. It's happened enough that his wife has started to take notice. He's not sure if he's imagining it or reading too much into it?

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Dolly, Jesus, Mantras & How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Welcoming Hug

Cristi & Ben Dozier (Amy's sister & brother-in-law) join as guests and the 4 main things they touch on:

  1. Amy's major mistake when she interviewed Dolly!! There's a very special story about Dolly & Jesus that went down when Amy & Cristi's dad passed away...so Crisit fills us in on that beautiful story.
  2. The episode of Cristi & Ben's HGTV show that Amy was a part of last weekend (you can stream it now on Max...just search Building Roots season 2 episode 2...the episode title is: "A River Runs Through It")
  3. Mantra cards & Crisit's new life mission statement: "I am now fully aware of my agency to create a life of purposeful intention & profound meaning!"
  4. Cristi shares simple ways to make your home more inviting...she calls it "making your home feel like a welcoming hug!"


Amy Brown // RadioAmy.com // @RadioAmy


Cristi Dozier // @CristiDozier // RootHouseCo.com (coffee shop)

Ben Dozier // @BenDozier // RootDesignCompany.com (design firm) 

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Lunchbox Gets Taken to School

After all these years of playing soccer, Lunchbox finally had someone decide he was going to teach Lunchbox how to play soccer. Did Lunchbox learn anything? Ray gets pulled off the podcast because The Sore Losers get no respect around this place. Also Lunchbox went to buy a gatorade and got caught up in the middle of a gas station fight! Ray announces the World Series winner so you can place your future bets before the playoffs. 

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(Wed Full Show) Amy Gets Asked Out On a Date! + Morgan Asks Strangers If They Know Who The "Famous Lunchbox" Is + We Open More Disney Lorcana Cards!

Amy got a handwritten letter in the mail asking her out on a date, find out who is it from and if she's going to meet up with them! Then, Lunchbox claims he is one of the Top 25 Most Famous People in Nashville so Morgan asked strangers if they knew who he was! Plus, we continue to open more Disney Lorcana cards, hear if we got any more rare ones worth a lot of money!

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(Wed Early Bird) We Begin To Open The Disney Lorcana Cards To See If Investment Was Worth It + Has Lunchbox Gotten The Pallet Yet? + Mailbag: Snitch On Co-Worker

The Disney Lorcana Cards everyone pitched in to buy finally came in and we begin to open the first box to see if it includes any rare cards! Then, find out if we've gotten the pallet from Lunchbox's investment idea yet. Mailbag: Listener's co-worker has been giving away teas for free to people. Our listener doesn't want to be a snitch or the one everyone will hate working with if they tell. Should our listener tell management or stay out of it?

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